Hybrid Datacenter Solutions

Hybrid Data Centre Solutions

Some applications are better kept in-house, while others can be run more cost-efficiently off-premises. The choice is yours. Our hybrid data centre solutions focus on three delivery models: your own privately-owned IT infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-a-Service managed by Savaco and our technology partners' public clouds.

A scalable, flexible IT infrastructure

Organisations that aim to optimise their IT, will no doubt choose a manageable, flexible and scalable IT environment. As your IT is an essential element in keeping your business up-and-running, choosing whether to invest in a privately-owned infrastructure or in an external IT environment is a key decision. Savaco is ready to advise you on this matter and will gladly guide you through the various options.

Private, public and partner cloud

Some applications are better kept in-house, giving you full control over them, while others can be run more cost-efficiently off-premises. The choice is yours. In a hybrid IT environment, your workloads - documents, mail, ERP, HR, ... - are optimally divided between various types of IT infrastructure. Hybrid Data Centre solutions focus on three delivery models:

  1. Private IT infrastructure: your own custom-made IT infrastructure, located on your own premises
  2. Partner cloud: your private IT environment with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) managed by Savaco
  3. Public cloud: ready-to-use standardised IT services via the internet

Hybrid IT: the best of three worlds

You may have asked yourself one of these questions before:

  • Does cloud computing provide added value for my business?
  • Should I invest in an on-premises data centre?
  • Or am I better off trusting my IT partner to manage my IT infrastructure?

The answer will be different for each organisation, as every ICT solution should be scaled to the specific needs of your business. Today, you can combine the best of both worlds in a hybrid solution, giving you lots of extra benefits and new perspectives. Savaco supports each possible option and is a 100% cloud neutral partner. Together with you, we select the right cloud for the right workload.

Do it Yourself. Done For you.

Wherever you decide to store your data and applications, Savaco is ready to advise and support you, both in designing and implementing your hybrid data centre and in taking care of its daily management. Whether you manage your IT environment yourself or you leave the daily worries to your trusted IT partner, we are ready to assist you.

The right cloud for your workload

With Savaco as a cloud neutral partner, you are free to choose the hybrid data centre solution that best fits your needs and which will support you in achieving your business goals.

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