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As a consequence of various trends such as cloud, mobility and globalisation, the traditional holy trinity of security (antivirus, firewall & identity) is no longer sufficient to secure your IT. It is time to tackle cybercrime and its many threats in a much smarter way. Only then, you can protect your organisation effectively.

Not if, but when: that is the question

Hacking, phishing mails, identity fraud ... The number of cyber attacks increases every year and have transformed into advanced persistent threats: they're a permanent risk that is lurking around the corner. Today, we should no longer ask ourselves if, but rather when our organisations will be faced with a cyber attack. After all, we use more and more cloud applications and give more and more people access to our data: we can be sure that one day, things will go wrong. That's why we'd better prepare ourselves with a carefully planned security strategy that is proactive as well as reactive.

So how do you protect your business against cyber attacks and how can you guarantee business continuity when a security breach occurs? Savaco is ready to advise you with an extensive range of security solutions.

Security & protection

Savaco's security solutions portfolio is not limited to just preventing cyber attacks (defense) but looks further ahead towards tackling security incidents before, during and after their occurrence. This can only be achieved with a carefully planned, intelligent security strategy in which confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is of central importance.

On the basis of several IT security building blocks, we create a coherent security solution that protects your IT infrastructure in an intelligent way and effectively tackles today's advanced persistent threats.

Are you using every security capability in your current IT infrastructure? Take a Savaco Security Scan to find out.

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