Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising every industry across the world. Software, sensors and connectivity are becoming essential parts of the products we use every day. For businesses, the challenge consists in translating the opportunities of the IoT to your own organisation, product, service and/or business model.

The opportunities of the IoT

Imagine that all of your products, devices and production machinery could communicate digitally with you and your customer. And that you and your customer could monitor and control products remotely using a smartphone. Being able to do this, you can gather valuable information that can influence your service, your productivity and your product development process. With these newly acquired insights and existing information, you can optimise your business processes and strengthen your position on the market. These insights also allow you to develop new product functionalities or an alternative service model. In short, the Internet of Things opens up a whole new range of opportunities. And the best part is: IoT is not the future. It's already here.

IoT is about value creation

The Internet of things is an absolute game changer. Yet, it is important to check how exactly the IoT can create added value to your business.

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In the near future, the Internet of Things will become an increasingly important factor when investing in machinery or when developing new products and services. But the revolution goes beyond a purely technological improvement. The real innovation of the IoT can only be fully used when substantial attention is given to the underlying business model and other technologies. Priority should therefore be given to finding the added value of the IoT for your organisation.

Savaco's IoT platform: seeing is believing

The technology is ready. Sensors make it possible to gather valuable information about your products in the field using wireless connectivity. This way, the physical and the virtual worlds become more and more converged and digital data are increasingly combined with the physical product.

The potential applications using the IoT are endless. In order to provide an answer to the growing opportunities the IoT offers, Savaco has developed a first IoT platform. Want to know more about it? Request an IoT demo.

Today, the Internet of Things is a hype. For many companies, however, it's not at all clear what it can be used for. By creating a tangible and demonstrable IoT example based on input from our customers, we've succeeded in building one of the first IoT platforms that really demonstrate how you can translate the IoT hype into added value for your company. The icing on the cake is that we've also included Augmented Reality capabilities in our IoT platform.

Lieven Vandamme, IoT Project Manager Savaco

The next steps for your business

Is the Internet of Things the holy grail? Not always. You may find out that, for your company, it is still too early to get started with IoT. However, it is important to gain knowledge of the latest developments in IoT in order to make this assessment. A well-considered choice not to get started with IoT just yet, is better than realising you've missed out when it's too late.

The definition of IoT may be simple – 'a network of smart and communicating objects' – but it is quite a challenge to implement your own IoT strategy. It is therefore of crucial importance to know which way you want to go with the Internet of Things. Therefore, Savaco offers value discovery workshops for organisations wishing to take their first steps in the world of the IoT. During these sessions, we help you define how you can translate the opportunities offered by the IoT to your own organisation, product, service or business model.

Want to know more about how Savaco can help you implement your IoT strategy? Contact us! We're ready to help you put the digital transformation and the Internet of Things on the agenda.

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