Respect & integrity

We think and act fairly, honestly and ethically in our relationships with employees, between employees and management, and in all our external contacts with customers, suppliers and other business partners. Mutual respect and integrity represent the starting point for how we deal with all our stakeholders.

Openness & appreciation

We communicate openly and transparently about what we do because we are convinced that sharing knowledge encourages involvement. We listen to what is going on around us, we are open to the experiences and ideas of others and we appreciate what others contribute.

Teamwork & excellence

We raise the bar high for ourselves. We trust one another, we work together and we support one another, combined of course with the right amount of fun, because we can only really push our boundaries together and in so doing exceed the expectations that our customers and our colleagues have of us.

Efficiency & focus on results

We are constantly looking for the most effective and efficient ways to serve our customers. We are driven to achieve the best possible results.

Creativity & commitment

We encourage diversity, stimulate one another's creative flare and are resourceful in our permanent quest for innovative ways of thinking and acting. We are fully committed to the things we do and we also take full responsibility for them.

Development & team spirit

Together, we are responsible for an environment in which everyone is given the best possible opportunities to develop and seizes them. We work in an atmosphere of team cohesion that ensures that everyone loves their job and can give it their all.

We want our people to feel good at Savaco and develop fully in their job. This will allow us to have an enthusiastic team of employees and this will only benefit our customers.

Carl Sabbe
Carl Sabbe
Co-founder Savaco

Pushing boundaries together

As an organisation Savaco is constantly striving to improve quality and professionalism. Our employees, college graduates who receive continuous internal and external training, and our ISO9001 quality monitoring system all play an important role in this. This is how Savaco wishes to grow and further expand and improve its product portfolio and service proposition.

The way in which employees deal with one another is a critical contributory factor to the success of Savaco: it is based on integrity, mutual trust and respect, both internally between employees and externally with customers and technology partners. An enthusiastic and motivated team numbering no fewer than 120 employees spread over sales and marketing, engineering and development, operations and administration are responsible for ensuring proper support and follow-up of our customers.