Savaco behind the scenes

Savaco originated from the enthusiasm of 2 civil engineers (Carl SABBE and Rik VANDEMOORTELE), who joined forces to set up their own IT company at a fairly young age. Today, over 25 years later, this company has grown into a strong and mature IT player with more than 120 staff on board.

Becoming strong(er) together

Our key principle has always been to offer optimal service to our customers. We rely on the knowledge and professionalism of each of our employees to deliver this service. Our daily concern is to strike the right balance between the best interests of our customers and the ambitions of our employees. It's thanks to our employees that we keep making a difference for our customers every day.

Those who help write Savaco's story demonstrate a healthy dose of energy, punch above their weight and want to grow and fully develop their talents.

Savaco offers more than enough challenges and opportunities to grow. Our employees are self-directed professionals with a sens of initiative, who grab hold of the opportunities they are offered and who dare to take their career into their own hands. During your journey of growth at Savaco, you will be given full autonomy, but we also offer you a clear framework within which you can rely upon the coaching offered by your manager, to whom you can direct any questions you may have.

Growing at Savaco is not something you do on your own, you grow together with your colleagues. We are team workers who can respect and trust one another. Our business is evolving at record pace. Keeping up is key, for us, treading water is tantamount to falling behind. Gaining new knowledge and sharing knowledge are the top priorities on our agenda. Our employees and our technical experts in particular, combine their strengths and knowledge in task forces. These are special teams selected and deployed for their talents to explore and test new and pioneering technologies.

You will notice that working at Savaco is both technically challenging and offers a great deal of variety thanks to our 700 customers operating in the most diverse range of sectors. Every day there is something new to discover.

Savaco’s New World of Work

As a company, we dare to think ahead. That's why we introduced a "New World of Work" when we relocated to our new offices in September 2012. At Savaco, we work in flexible workspaces and plug in our laptop at a workstation of our choice for that day, in an open landscape office, a dual office or a booth, or even at home.

We have chosen a sustainable and energy-efficient building with an open structure to help stimulate communication among colleagues. A tasteful lunch area and a (summer) terrace we can also use as a meeting space are all included, because who doesn't like a pleasant working environment?

We also attach a great deal of importance to having fun here at Savaco. Anyone paying us a visit will notice that at Savaco people laugh and chat with colleagues at the coffee machine, allowing innovative ideas to ferment and emerge.

In short, a healthy sense of ambition is tangible at Savaco. We want to put Savaco on the map in the ICT landscape as the favourite company, not just for our customers but especially for our 125 employees and our future colleagues.

Want to know more about Savaco?

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