Enterprise Service Management

Make it easy for your workers to quickly find answers to their questions to your IT, HR and other supporting services. Thanks to Enterprise Service Management (ESM), an employee seeking the answer to a question will no longer need to go in search of the right channel or person first: this solution takes care of this for them. This is just one of the many ways in which ESM can heighten the efficiency of your internal processes.

What is ESM?

Organisations often provide their staff with a diversity of tools for submitting questions or applications from its supporting services. IT, Quality, HR, Facility Management: every service has its own way of dealing with the questions they are sent by their co-workers. Nevertheless, an employee may find it rather illogical that he/she has to use one tool to apply for holiday leave, another to report a WiFi malfunction and yet another to have a contract reviewed or signed.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) makes the provision of internal services a lot more logical and brings all internal procedures together in a single, overarching application. An ESM tool works sort of like an internal help button on an employee’s PC, smart phone or tablet, and can be used to ask all manner of questions with regard to in-company procedures. No only that: the app is even able to provide automatic answers to many of the questions asked, and if a particular question cannot be answered it will direct you to the person who can.

Smart Enterprise Service Management with 4me technology

The 4me ESM application is not only more efficient and faster than most other service management tools on the market today; this app is also the only one that offers a number of extensive options for Service Integration and Management (abbreviated as SIAM). Not only does the 4me ESM tool optimise the provision of internal services; it also makes collaboration with external partners much more efficient. Imagine, for example that your organisation – like numerous others – outsources its IT and HR services to an external partner. Thanks to the 4me ESM tool, any questions for these external partners are also properly addressed and processed. This will also make it much easier to check if the SLAs you have concluded are being properly fulfilled.

What are the advantages of ESM?

Being able to submit all your questions through one and the same app makes life a lot easier for your employees. Thanks to Enterprise Service Management, your employees will no longer need to go in search of the right person to answer a question: the app take care of this for them. This is just one of the many ways in which an ESM app can heighten the efficiency of your internal processes. After all, IT and HR departments are inundated with requests for information, each and every day. Additionally, many of these are frequently recurring questions. Using an ESM tool, the staff will be a to process these types of questions much more efficiently. This application makes it possible to process the questions of various employees at one and the same time, while frequently asked questions are answered automatically, via the self-service portal.

Better service for employees

Efficient internal processes

Service Integration and Management


An Enterprise Service Management tool notably diminishes the administrative burden for an organisation's supporting departments, thus allowing them to better focus on their core tasks.

Louis Sabbe, Business Development Manager

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