The facts

Not a case of if, but when?

Hacking, phishing e-mails, identity fraud... Cases of cyber crime increase in number year on year. We’re no longer concerned with just cyber attacks, but must now be alert to advanced persistent threats, which lurk around every corner. It’s now a matter of asking yourself not if your organisation will suffer a cyber attack, but when. As we intensify our use of mobile and cloud applications, we give more and more people access to data that are managed in different ways and at different locations. Sooner or later, something is bound to go wrong. The best protection is a robust and sophisticated security plan that is both proactive and reactive.

How can you most effectively protect your organisation against cyber threats and how can you best guarantee business continuity in the event of a security incident? Savaco has a comprehensive range of proactive and reactive security solutions and can advise and assist organisations with their security needs.

The solution

Sophisticated security

Trends such as the cloud, mobility and globalisation are increasingly exerting pressure on the holy trinity of IT security – anti-virus, firewall, identity. Security solutions need to be smarter to cope with the ever increasing number of cyber threats. Only that way can you ensure that your business is protected and arm yourself against any form of cyber crime. Aside from the technological aspect, it’s important to focus your attention on those areas in which the business runs the greatest risk, both technically and commercially.

Security scan

Map your security

Is your organisation making the most of current security solutions? A first step is to map today’s vulnerabilities.

With these solutions we go for maximum safety

Reliable IT environment

Secure your IT platform against cyber crime

  • Central security policy
  • Secure users and devices
  • Protected data
Secure remote working

Universal secure access to your data and applications

  • Simple and secure connection
  • Based on the context
  • Control who can access what
Business continuity

Limit the impact of a security incident

  • Ensure usable data backups
  • Be prepared with a DR plan
  • Use segmentation
Digital trust

Ensure reliable, secure digital products

  • Check whether your data is secure
  • Verify users and their devices
  • Certify your security processes
Security Awareness

Raise awareness of cyber threats

  • Support employees
  • Simulate cyber attacks
  • Keep track of major risks