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  • Want to leave caring for your IT to an expert?
  • Looking for additional resources for a certain IT specialism?
  • Eager to ensure that your IT project is carried out professionally?
  • Need support for your employees to help them work with new digital tools?

Savaco makes IT easy

Whether you like it or not, modern organisations are having to confront ever greater digital challenges while IT gets more and more complex with every day. The bar is becoming higher and higher: IT needs to be flexible, always available, reliable, well secured and performing at the highest level. At the same time, IT managers are expected to perform more and more tasks and to have greater knowledge and expertise. Having everything up and running and under control is no laughing matter.

And yet it’s possible – and you can even do it with a smile! But, you don’t have to face things alone – a reliable digital partner can advise you, support you and even relieve you of some of the work. That way, you’ll know that every IT challenge is being properly taken care of.

This is one of Savaco’s strengths. With extensive knowledge of IT, a professional approach and boundless enthusiasm, our team is committed to putting that smile on your face. Whether you’re the CEO, the IT manager or an employee, you no longer need to worry about IT.

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Inspire and Guide

Inspiration and guidance for your digital strategy

  • A collaborative approach to your business challenges
  • Inspiration and advice
  • Give your digital strategy direction

Design and Model

A detailed design of your IT solution

  • A detailed blueprint of your preferred solution
  • Based on your strategic decisions
  • A realistic plan and budget for your IT project

Build and Integrate

Implementation of your bespoke IT solution

  • Implementation, integration and start-up
  • Migrations and knowledge transfer
  • Validation and documentation

Host and Provide

Cloud and hosting services tailored to your organisation

  • Cloud expertise and advice
  • Your cloud environment hosted in Savaco’s Atlas data centre
  • From on-premises infrastructure managed by Savaco to a co-managed public cloud

Care and Control

Tailored IT services

  • From Service Desk to proactive monitoring
  • Support for a carefree IT environment

Improve and Accelerate

Get more out of your IT investment

  • Discover new opportunities with existing IT tools
  • Refine and optimise software tools
  • Boost the added value of existing tools

User Support

Peace of mind and efficiency for end users

  • Personalised support for end users
  • Assistance from a friendly and trusted face
  • Advice and support

User Adoption

Help users make the most of new IT tools

  • Familiarise users with new IT tools
  • Raise awareness
  • Clarify the added value of IT tools

Training sessions

Get started quickly with the right training

  • Traditional group training
  • Customised training
  • Knowledge sharing