The importance of data

Data is the new gold, mine it

Data is the new gold, the oil that keeps the digital transformation engine running. And, much like oil, data can be refined to create a valuable raw material. It’s not the raw data that will help you to make decisions and create a smarter, more data-driven business model, but the insights that you distil from those data.

A smart approach to information

We spend every day wrestling with the flood of information that comes our way from all directions. That’s why it’s so important to understand which data you currently have at your disposal and which new data you need for new insights. Which data streams can you use?

Existing data

Get more from your business data

Every day, your organisation creates and receives vast quantities of data – data are available from every corner of your business. But are you using those data? No fewer than 87% of organisations fail to make the most of their existing data (source: Gartner 2018).

Still, a significant proportion of the data that you already have can help you to acquire insight into your clients and processes, allowing you to make better decisions and either optimise or reinvent your operations. With Business Intelligence technology and data analysis, you can mine business data and turn those data into valuable insights.

New data streams

Mine new data streams

At the same time, new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, allow more and new data to be collected about your product, customer, production process, etc. Smart, connected devices, equipped with numerous sensors, form an inexhaustible source of new data streams. With smart technology for data capture and IoT, you can mine new data sources and capitalise on the benefits.

Which data are valuable to you and what insights into your organisation are you currently lacking? You should also subject your new data to analysis so that you can refine them into new insights.

Data strategy

One step at a time towards a data-driven organisation

If you want to do more with data, you need a clear data strategy. Savaco would be happy to show you exactly what your business can do with data, analytics and insights. Our experts will plot out a data maturity roadmap with which you can evolve, one step at a time, into a data-driven organisation. 

From FastTrack use cases and BI dashboards to custom platform development and Artificial Intelligence: the opportunities are already there, you just need to discover them.

Our approach

Solutions and services for maximum impact

image:flaticon data fasttrack

Fast Tracks

Guidance for an initial use case
Power BI of Machine Learning
Your first result fast
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Together, we’ll build your data platform
From design to data reporting
Customised action-focused insights
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Power BI & DAX training
Become a data expert yourself
Available as classroom and private training
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Data expertise

Development of advanced data scenarios
Use case discovery workshops
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Data Governance & Maturity

Plot your Data Strategy and path to growth
Improve you Data Management and Quality
Organise your data team their role(s)

Discover our data analytics and insights solutions

Open up data silos

Bring together data silos and consolidate data

  • Bring together data from different sources
  • Model different types of data point
  • Discover overarching insights
Data analysis

Model and analyse your big data

  • Towards a smart data model
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
Data visualisation

Let your employees acquire their own insights

  • Quickly visualise data
  • Build reports and dashboards yourself
  • Improved business insights tailored to your needs
Data Governance

Establish clear rules about data distribution

  • Make data and insights widely available in the most secure way possible
  • Determine data use policies
  • Map data streams and responsibilities