Hybrid cloud

High-performance IT platform to boost your digital organisation

A state-of-the-art IT platform is essential to any modern organisation. The bar is high – IT needs to be flexible, elastic and adaptable while at the same time being available, reliable, secure and capable of high performance. As the beating heart of your organisation, it’s vital that you have a modern IT platform in place that can give your organisation the tools and capabilities to accelerate digitally. And it’s precisely to meet the robust IT requirements and challenges of the digital transformation that a modern-day IT platform is, in fact, hybrid and very rarely 100% on-premises or 100% in the cloud.

Hybrid has many different facets. It’s the combination of public and private cloud services and own infrastructure that can run in or outside of a data centre (edge). You get to determine the centre of gravity for each workload or application. And even though there’s no such thing as the “average” business, there’s growing consensus that “cloud first” is becoming the norm.

In such a fragmented context of cloud, edge and on-premises solutions, connectivity plays a central role. Are your internal and external connectivity properly matched, securely segmented and ready to cope with demand from mobile users and smart connected devices?

Savaco, your co-pilot on your hybrid cloud journey

Savaco guides you through the dual world of IT, where stability and operational stability need to be reconciled with digital transformation at speed. Savaco advises and assists with the expansion of modern digital end-2-end platforms, where the cloud represents far more than just the replacement of on-premises hardware. Don’t delay your hybrid cloud journey – start with a medium-term strategy and architecture and the focus needed to ensure sound knowledge and adoption amongst your users and your own IT service.

Need help seeing the wood through the trees?

Cloud & Infrastructure Assessment

If you want to determine the maturity of your current data centre and/or cloud environment and plot an organisational road map, please get in touch with our Cloud and Infrastructure consultants.

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    A cloud-first approach for your applications and data

    Today, most organisations recognise the vital importance of the cloud in making data and applications accessible to employees, clients and partners from anywhere. 

    • Online and on-demand
    • Flexible, scalable and elastic
    • Pay-per-use or reserved
    Own infrastructure

    Your own on-premises first IT environment

    If you have specific speed, autonomy or privacy requirements, dedicated infrastructure in your business or production facility could be a solution.

    • Servers, storage and backup
    • Hyperconverged infrastructure
    • Connectivity, core switches and virtual networks

    A secure, high-performance business network

    If the cloud is the beating heart of your organisation, connectivity is the circulatory system. You might not even realise it, but it’s impossible to overstate how important it is.

    • SD WAN
    • Wired switching
    • Wireless edge
    Edge computing

    Build your next-gen edge computing platform

    The distance between your core infrastructure and your employees and/or end points may be so great that adapted pre-processing and storage are needed.

    • IT/branch edge
    • Data edge
    • IoT edge