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Our vision

Based upon our Savaco vision we wish to clearly set out what we are aiming for and what our ambitions are. Our vision is as follows: We want to be the favourite company to build IT solutions together that have an impact today and tomorrow.

Our mission

Our mission defines what Savaco stands for. Customers and employees are of central importance to Savaco. Our mission then focuses on both.

Our values and culture

Our values are the foundation stones on which we, employees and management of Savaco, are building our future together.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ambition is to do business with impact on a broader social level as well. That is why we also focus on ecological and social sustainability.

Partners & Certificates

All our relationships have a long-term focus. Sustainability in building relationships with our technology partners takes centre stage.


Since its beginnings in the Wevelgem enterprise zone in 1991, Savaco has grown into a reputable IT company. Savaco has been established in the Benelux park in Kortrijk as a full-service IT service provider since 2012.

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our customers in their IT management. These are mainly SMEs, large and small. We help them with their IT applications, so that they can better occupy themselves with their own core activities.

Rik Vandemoortele - CEO Savaco
Rik Vandemoortele
CEO Savaco
Facts & Figures

All you need to know about Savaco

  • Annual turnover: 70 mil. euros
  • 300 employees
  • Founded on 4 februari 1991
  • Founders: Carl Sabbe en Rik Vandemoortele
  • ISO9001-certified since 2004
  • 9x Trends Gazelle
Our strengths

These are the reasons CEOs and CIOs choose Savaco:

  1. We speak the customer's language
  2. We focus on results
  3. We provide peace of mind
  4. We work with expertise
  5. We are realistic
  6. We have a cast-iron reputation
  7. We always go for sustainable business impact
Where to find us

Physical or digital, no matter the weather, always welcome!

Savaco has offices spread across Flanders. The head office is located in Kortrijk. You can also visit us in Poperinge, Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven.