Flexible for users

Today’s workplace is no longer a central fixed location. Users today have access to all of the business applications they need from wherever they are, from lightweight administrative tools to heavyweight graphics applications. They have access to whatever business data they need from whichever device they have. Colleagues and partners around the world can communicate seamlessly, share information and collaborate, irrespective of where they are physically located and what time zone they’re in. And all with absolute security. Savaco helps to make both people and entire organisations more mobile and thus more productive and more innovative.

Central management

These days, everyone uses IT. Employees across all departments in an organisation are equipped with divergent devices, from production staff to the warehouse, to shops and delivery vehicles. Wherever they are, employees want utmost flexibility. The challenge is in keeping this organised, manageable and secure. Savaco helps you to maintain organisation or manages your complete environment so that you can focus on what truly matters – your organisation.

Discover our solutions for productive and happy employees


Stay in touch with colleagues, clients and suppliers from wherever you are.

  • Smart collaboration remotely
  • Call, chat, video conference
  • Share documents securely and edit them simultaneously
Work remotely

Have secure access to business data and applications

  • Virtual workstations
  • Access to applications and data from home
  • For all types of user
Device Management

Manage all business data efficiently from any device

  • Mobile device and data management
  • Compile an inventory of your PCs, mobile devices and applications
  • Perform updates centrally
  • Manage and secure BYOD devices
Service Management

Boost the self-sustainability of your employees

  • Pose your questions to the right colleague
  • Find answers yourself in a central location
  • Streamline and automate internal processes
Office of the Future

Equip your office with state-of-the-art equipment

  • A high-performance and secure PC
  • Meeting rooms properly equipped for hybrid meetings
  • Personal devices for high-quality discussions