Entrepreneurship with impact

Social initiatives

Recovery of laptops and IT equipment

Every four years, Savaco renews the PC park for its employees. That way, with each renewal round, a number of devices becomes available. These devices still work fine and are perfectly usable in schools, for instance. Each time a laptop becomes available, we examine whether we can donate it to schools or other institutions. We prefer destinations that our employees suggest themselves. For example, we donated 12 laptops to D'Ooefenschool in Blankenberge.


Collaborating with education

Savaco likes to introduce young people to the business and IT world. That is why we frequently work together with educational institutions in the area. As an IT company, we are particularly keen on STEM initiatives. For instance, colleagues and management regularly give guest lectures in high schools and colleges, and we regularly receive visits from pupils and students at our headquarters. We have also been working for several years with, among others, VTI Roeselare, where students can use a ThingWorx licence, hosted in our Atlas data centre, to learn about and use the many possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Collaboration with local businesses

With the Hoog Kortrijk Morgen project, various companies and colleges at Hoog Kortrijk are putting their heads together to make Hoog Kortrijk an attractive place to do business and work in the future. Here, too, we are happy to contribute to the project.


Finally, we sponsor several sports and cultural events every year. Here, we focus on events that serve regional charities and actions that involve our employees themselves and are close to their hearts.