Get more from your data

Data & AI

  • Integrate your data in one platform
  • An organised, secure and compliant data environment
  • Gain insights from your business data and make smarter decisions

From information to action

Converting your business data into insights gives you the ability to make smarter decisions. Our Data & AI solutions help you gain a strategic advantage from your business data.

At the heart is our data platform, where all data streams come together and are prepared for analysis. Based on this platform, you can generate reliable insights with Business Intelligence (Power BI) that form the basis for intelligent decision-making and a future-proof strategy.

With a solid approach to data governance, we ensure that your data is not only organised and accessible but also secure and in compliance with the latest regulations. In the next step, you can have your data work for you with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Our solutions

Our approach

Solutions and services for maximum impact

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Fast Tracks

Guidance for an initial use case
Power BI of Machine Learning
Your first result fast
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Together, we’ll build your data platform
From design to data reporting
Customised action-focused insights
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Power BI & DAX training
Become a data expert yourself
Available as classroom and private training
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Data expertise

Development of advanced data scenarios
Use case discovery workshops
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Data Governance & Maturity

Plot your Data Strategy and path to growth
Improve you Data Management and Quality
Organise your data team their role(s)
Data strategy
Step by step towards a data-driven organisation

To do more with data, you need a clear data strategy. Savaco is eager to show you what your company can concretely do with data, analytics, and insights. Our experts will draw up a data maturity roadmap that allows you to evolve step by step into a data-driven organisation. Curious about our approach?