A high-performing foundation for your business

Hybrid Cloud

  • Public, private & hybrid cloud
  • Agility & business continuity
  • Managed for you or co-managed

Modern IT infrastructure for digital acceleration

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your digital organisation, and as such needs to meet robust requirements. IT must be flexible and at the same time always available, reliable, well-secured, and highly efficient. Whichever cloud you choose for this, whether you manage it yourself or prefer not to: Savaco is your companion on your cloud journey.

In practice, a contemporary IT platform is often hybrid: a combination of public and private cloud services, and privately-owned infrastructure that can be located in a data centre our "at the edge". For each workload, you decide where you place the emphasis. You can manage your IT platform by yourself, but you can also outsource it to our experts. This way, you save time for what really matters: growing your business.

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TCR chose the public cloud

"It's necessary to clearly understand how the cloud works. Furthermore, a good preparation is half the work. And above all: trust only experts and certified engineers when implementing a cloud environment."

Ardo chose hyperconverged infrastructure for IT standardisation

"Savaco went further than most other parties under consideration. They were able to draw from experience to solve this problem, but they also thought along with us."

Need help seeing the wood through the trees?
Cloud & Infrastructure Assessment

If you want to determine the maturity of your current data centre and/or cloud environment and plot an organisational road map, please get in touch with our Cloud and Infrastructure consultants.