IT for service providers

Experienced IT partner for the services industry

In the professional services sector, the digital challenges are significant. Many organisations aim to further improve their services to customers. Digital technology is the key to success. With Savaco, you can count on an experienced and professional IT partner that supports and carries out the digital journey of your enterprise.

  • Positive customer experience
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Happy employees

Opt for digitalisation

Digitalisation is alive and kicking at local authorities and governments. Cities and local authorities can gain a lot by opting for digitalisation – from more efficient internal processes to improved service for residents. The approach that your local authority needs to take towards digital challenges depends on where you want the emphasis to lie. You can get a long way by evolving at your own pace and by determining your own priorities.

Challenges faced by service businesses

  • Collaborate more efficiently and more productively
  • Improve the digital customer experience
  • Gain more insights using the wealth of existing data
  • Make working from home and remote working a reality for all employees
  • Improve digital skills within my organisation
  • Improved cyber security and protection of IP data
A customised portfolio

How can Savaco help?

We have a wide and varied portfolio of solutions and services with impact to help you reach your objectives. A glimpse into our customised solutions for service businesses:

Collaboration and communication

Streamline information, people and processes throughout your organisation. Opt for efficient collaboration between employees, partners and customers. 

Teams and telephony

Wave goodbye to your old phone system and integrate the modern workplace into your organisation. Be contacted on a single number wherever you are using your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Data, insights and reporting

Collect and turn data into usable insights that focus on action. Create added value from existing and new data streams.


Protect your data, users and ICT environment in an intelligent way.

Hybrid data centre and cloud

Create a high-performance, agile IT platform that helps you to work more efficiently, optimises how you work with customers and advances your digitalisation.

Voka opts for permanent availability with Microsoft Teams

Stefanie Vanmeerbeek, Marketing Intelligence Analyst, Voka – Flemish Brabant Chamber of Commerce

These days, we often choose video calls rather than shuttling back and forth between our two offices. This helps us to save vast amounts of time as we can avoid physical relocations.

Our strengths

Why do organisations like yours choose Savaco?

Over the years, Savaco has built a strong reputation. We have many loyal customers who value our state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality services. 


More than 30 years of proven experience in the services industry


Experts in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, CRM and other collaboration platforms

We speak the language of our customers

In-depth industry knowledge and insights

Professional through and through

Professional support and guidance

Fellow traveller

Trusted partner who pushes boundaries with you

no-nonsense DNA

Always keenly focused on the result


Here’s a selection of some of the service organisations that Savaco is proud to partner with