Our vision

From the Savaco vision we want to clearly state what we aim for and what our ambitions are.

Our vision is as follows:

 We want to be the favourite company to build IT solutions together that have an impact today and tomorrow.

The favourite company

We aspire to be the most obvious choice for customers, employees and technology partners. Savaco as the natural favourite, as the number 1 in our field of expertise.

As a small and medium-size company from West Flanders, we give high priority to entrepreneurship . Daring to take initiative and always pushing forward is the drive that we wish to portray to the outside world.

Building together

We want to build something together, to achieve something that is robust and well-conceived, with good foundations, in the same way as you build a house brick by brick.

We are not only building solid IT solutions together, we are also building relationships with people that are always based on integrity, mutual trust and respect.

We are doing this together as a true team, because together we can push the boundaries.

IT solutions with impact

Our core activity consists in designing, implementing and maintaining IT solutions with impact.

Impact for the customer and on the customer's business. Our solutions give our customer a clear, strategic advantage. They create tangible added value.

Creating an impact is in the DNA of our employees. We really want to make the difference, always and everywhere.

Our technology partners stand for technological leadership. They are our reference for innovative products and services. They have a ground-breaking impact on the entire IT industry.

Impact today and tomorrow

Sustainability forms the basis for everything that we do. We are a stable and solid organisation. We are here today and we will still be here tomorrow.

We are resolutely committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, employees and technology partners.

We are constantly questioning ourselves in order to be able to creatively and nimbly adapt to an environment that is changing with ever increasing speed.