30+ years in the wonderful world of technology

Savaco's history

Starting in the business centre in Wevelgem in 1991, Savaco has since grown into a renowned IT company. As a full-service IT provider, Savaco has been located at the Beneluxpark in Kortrijk since 2012. Meanwhile, Savaco has more than 300 employees across various locations in Flanders.


Savaco enters a new strategic partnership withAsci. The acquisition of this Ghent-based software integrator Asci fits perfectly with the predetermined growth ambitions of the Kortrijk-based IT service provider Savaco. By joining forces, Savaco also aims to expand its software portfolio and increase its regional footprint in Flanders. With this merger, Savaco sees its turnover rise to 56 million euros and grows to well over 270 employees.


Savaco enters a strategic partnership with cybersecurity specialist TrueGEN. The acquisition of this Antwerp based cyber security specialist fits perfectly within the growth ambitions of IT-services provider Savaco in Kortrijk. By joining forces, Savaco aims to further expand its portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions and increase its regional coverage in Flanders. With this merger Savaco sees its turnover increase to 47 million euros and grows to over 220 employees. 


In February 2021 Savaco celebrated its 30th birthday. Founders Carl & Rik look back in time and talk in detail about entrepreneurship, friendship and Savaco:

30 jaar ondernemen

In May 2021 Savaco expanded further with the acquisition of Atri Services. By joining forces with this Ghent-based IT specialist, Savaco wants to further strengthen its position in the field of IT services in Flanders. With this acquisition Savaco sees its turnover increase to EUR 40 million and grows to 190 employees.

Early July, Savaco announced the acquisition of Thrives. The acquisition of this Leuven-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement specialist fits perfectly with the growth ambitions of the Kortrijk-based IT services provider.


At the beginning of 2020, Savaco acquired cloud integrator IT-Care from Poperinge. This acquisition fitted perfectly with the growth ambitions of the Kortrijk-based IT service provider. Savaco hereby increases its turnover to EUR 37 million and grows to over 180 employees.


AAC Capital steps into the capital of Savaco. This is to support the company in the next growth phase and to facilitate the family succession.


Savaco assigns the greatest importance to the security of data within the cloud services it offers, and therefore makes enormous efforts in that area. These efforts were recognised in 2017 by obtaining the ISO27001 certificate.


Savaco has existed for 25 years and has been growing for a quarter of a century. Founders Carl Sabbe and Rik Vandemoortele tell  the Voka magazine about 25 years of activity in the wonderful world of IT.


At the end of 2014 Savaco will open a second data centre in Diegem as an extension and back-up for its own data centre.

Savaco gebouw binnen


In September 2012 Savaco moved to a new and larger location in the Beneluxpark in Kortrijk. With this move to the new offices, "Savaco's New World of Work" is also introduced. A concept where architecture, technology and ecology are perfectly interwoven to give a fresh and innovative interpretation to working at the office. The new building also features a state-of-the-art data center, so that Savaco can now also be called upon for cloud services.


In May 2010, a new Business Unit was established around Business Productivity Solutions. The aim of this unit is to help companies communicate and collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Optimising business processes and information flow is also among the challenges.


With the takeover of ABC Computerland in 2008, further growth was initiated, so that since then, more than 100 employees were active.


In 2006 Savaco opened a new office in Sint-Niklaas.


Savaco as an organisation strives for continuous improvement of quality and professionalism. This was recognised in 2004 by obtaining the ISO 9001 quality label.


The engineering activities were expanded in September 2002 with the offering of PTC. This American company is the world leader in CAD design software and product data management solutions.


In order to make the knowledge acquired about IT infrastructure, networks and integration available to non-engineering customers as well, a separate Business Unit was established in 1999.


In 1995, the company set up its own premises at Kennedypark in Kortrijk, with capacity for more than 20 employees and a total built-up area of 650m². In 2001, the office space was doubled to accommodate more than 50 employees.


Savaco was founded on 4 February 1991 by Carl SAbbe and Rik VAndemoortele. Both graduated as Civil Engineer Computer Sciences at the KUL, followed by five years of professional experience at machine-constructor LVD in Gullegem.

For the first four years the company was housed in the Business Centre in Wevelgem. The expertise in the early years was mainly in CAD applications (ME10/30) and Unix networks.